Min Wu SS17 is a twist on sartorial contrasts and juxtapositions between a modern femininity and almost sporty cutting-edge. In terms of construction we see cascading ru es and big volumes that complement sharp silhouettes and high-tech materials, such as 3d-printed nylon, bonded mesh and thermal tape. In terms of palette, soft pastels (pinks and blues) are set next to neon and vibrant primary colours.

The inspiration for this collection is light refraction / re Action and the optical illusions created when light interacts with di erent mate- rials. This translates into a common theme for Min Wu: combination of di erent, sometimes contrasting materials and the resulting inter- esting shapes and layers. Such as light is diverted when in contact with water, we see in the collection twists, pleats, folds, cut-outs that suggest transparency and reveal other layers. Hand-craft and laborious techniques are combined with technology for a modern yet approachable look.